Sunday, October 9, 2011

Exciting News!!!

I had someone ask me for a business card today!!! Soooo very exciting!! Not only am I getting people interested in my work at school, but random people in public ask me!  Thrilled as can be.

All the excitement aside, I have to buckle down this week.  I have joined the wonderful world of pinterest!  But, unfortunately its giving me tons of ideas with my limited time.  :-/  I do have a list of stuff i HAVE to finish this week.

Top of the list starts off from last weeks list...
1. Finish the window valances - having trouble on the second one cause it's not wanting to be straight.  I even ripped out the whole hem cause it wasn't as even as I wanted it to be.  I realized that the side hems the factory put on aren't even with the stripes on the fabric.  which is leading to all my measurements to be off.  :-/  I think I have a solution though.

2. I'm hitting up Hancock Fabrics Columbus Day sale tomorrow!!! WOOT WOOT! Can't wait to load up my cart with fun stuff!  Oh and I"m going to Michaels and hobby lobby.

3. Work on my 36 Patch quilt from CrazyMomQuilts  I got a third of the way done and it's in my UFO box.  It's going to be a Christmas present so I need to get cracking.

4. If I get all that done, I"ll be ecstatic, so I'm not going to add anything else!

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