Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twirley skirts Tutorial

Okay, so here goes!  My first tutorial.  Now, let me qualify just a bit.  I'm not very good at sewing yet, but I figured I could share what I've learned so far.  These instructions are simple enough for me to do it, so I'm hoping y'all can replicate it if you'd like.

Supplies -
 Satin - approximately a 1/2 yrd depending on the size of the kiddo.
 Elastic - measuring the child's waist, minus a couple inches
sewing machine

For my skirt, I went with a kids size 5 which turns into:
Upper piece - 7 in x 25in
Lower piece - 13 in x 44 in
Elastic - 18.5in
*no matter the size of the kid (I did 3, 5, and 6) I kept the upper piece at 7 inches.

1. Cut two pieces of satin into an upper and lower piece.  Added together they should equal the length of the skirt plus 2.5 inches. My skirt's length is 18.5 inches. (hopefully knee-length, but models are a few states away.)

2. Take the larger, lower piece and fold the short ends right side together. Pin and stitch together along short ends. It'll end up being a long loop.  I made the seam 1/4 "

3. Repeat with upper layer, then trim seams to be 1/8"

4. Fold one edge of the bottom layer (the large piece) and hem it.

If you find it frays a lot as I did, you'll want to roll the hem over and repeat.

 5. Adjust the stitch length to extra long, then on the unfinished edge of the lower section, do a straight seam all the way around, without back stitching.

6. *no picture* Gently pull bobbin thread to form ruffles.  Keep pulling and smoothing the gathers until it's the appropriate width for the skirt. 

7. Turn upper layer right side out.  Slide into the lower layer so right sides are touching.  Pin together along ruffle stitch. 

Important: Reset stitch length to normal.
8. Stitch two layers together.  Make sure new stitches are lower than ruffling stitches.

9.  Admire your work by pulling inside layer out and then flipping it all rightside out.

10. Finish admiring and turn back inside out.
11. Hem top, unfinished edge.

12. Fold over again and stitch all the way around, leaving a gap (about an inch) for the elastic.

13.  Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through one hole, around the skirt, then out the other side.

14. Making sure the elastic isn't twisted, stitch the ends of the elastic together.

15. Stitch the opening for the elastic closed.

16. Stand back and admire your final product!

and Voila!  Tu es fini.  You are finished.

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