Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Has started with a bang.  I've been super busy just doing stuff.  Nothing huge, but stuff in general.  I have a quilt almost finished.  It's part rectangles part squares, so I'm doing good on my resolution of quilting outside of the box. :-) It's got a satin backing so it's nice and soft for a baby. It's approx 36x 36. I'll post pictures as soon as I get home. 

I also have the top to another quilt made ready for backing and binding, but i'm out of batting at the moment.  My budget is limited so I'm making good use of the supplies I have on hand. 

I'm also halfway through a set of burp cloths from homemadebyjill.   I just have to top stitch those tonight, shouldn't take too long. 

I have a phone interview today, I'm crossing my fingers.  I need to make sure I can pay the bills.  Wish me luck!

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